James wanted to join a good Australian or American university for his graduate studies. He required a score of 800 in GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). Initially the format of the test was an issue. He found online preparation not of much help as he could not ask relevant questions and the topics taught were not explained properly.

He found that Sir Saif could answer his specific queries and helped him with a lot of practice material before moving to higher levels. He said that he progressed so much that even his family noticed his better Maths skills.

James’s Story

Sunny studied Information Technology in Sydney in 2008 – 2012. In order to apply for a permanent residence he required a 7 band score in IELTS. He had done his schooling in India in the Cambridge system. Based on his good educational background, he always thought that the IELTS test would be easy for him.

He had given the test but was struggling in Reading module. In the meantime, the government announced that a new test PTE is now acceptable as an alternative to IELTS. He researched about the test and found that there was no human interaction as it was a fully computerized test. He accessed some online material on PTE but was not satisfied as he felt the need for some personal guidance and somebody to tell him exactly what mistakes he was making. His busy schedule did not allow him to join a regular class.

So he came to Sir Saif and studied for about two months. He found him very flexible and accommodating in terms of class timings. He said that his professional approach helped him improve his Reading skills and he managed to get through the test.

Sunny’s Story

Mufaddal required a score of band 7 in IELTS or equivalent. He attempted the test 6 times and the maximum he scored was 6.5 in Writing. He started getting help from a friend who had scored 9 bands in IELTS. But he soon realized that “A good player can not be a good coach”.

He joined Sir Saif’s classes and improved his writing skills. He said he improved his vocabulary and sentence structures. He concluded that by not taking a professional help he was trying to save time and money but ended up wasting almost a year. He advises the students to get professional help from the beginning to maximize your potential.

Mufaddal’s Story

Muhammad did his Masters in Professional Accounting from Western Sydney University. For immigration purposes, he required a 7 band score in all four components of IELTS. He attempted once but didn’t get the scores required. He was receiving assistance from another student paying him a fee. He said that when he tried to get help online he faced an information overload and lots of confusing and conflicting stuff on various sites.

His brother suggested that he should get some professional advice. On the advice of one of his friends, he joined Sir Saif’s classes and found these to be very helpful. He said that initially he was given some assignments that he worked on and then after receiving feedback more assignments were given.

He said that his Writing skills improved a lot following the system. He also reported marked improvement in his Speaking skills. He again sat for the IELTS test and this time managed to get a better result but still missed out by 0.5 marks. On his next attempt he was able to get his required score.

Muhammad’s Story

An IT and a marketing professional before coming to Australia from Ethiopia, Yibra observed that those with weaker language skills ended up doing physical jobs in Australia. In order to join the field of her choice, she realized that good English language skills were a must. She joined TAFE but found that what was being taught was not what she needed.

She started one-on-one sessions with Sir Saif and was delighted with the experience there. She stated that gaps in her language skills were identified and worked upon by the teacher. She received personalized learning material in all classes, some of which she still uses as reference material.

She said that the teacher was just like a friend with whom she could discuss her language issues more comfortably resulting in fast learning.

Yibra’s Story

Mansoor did his 4-year Bachelor of Engineering from Bangladesh. In order to apply for immigration, he attempted IELTS test a couple of times but found that he was not able to get his required 7 bands in Speaking and Writing modules.

Initially he thought he will be able to figure out the problems himself but soon realized that he was always stuck. He realized that he required professional assistance to get the results he wanted. He joined a one-on-one package with Sir Saif. He found that the

classes were very organized and that the teacher seemed to invest a lot of time before the actual classes as he was always handed tailor made material and customized worksheets in the sessions.

He said that he was trained professionally as to how to develop multiple sentences using the same concept. He was also taught how to improve his reading speed. Using the techniques and skills learned in the classes he got a 9 band score instead of his requirement of 7 bands in the first attempt.

Mansoor’s Story

Asad required an 8 band in IELTS or equivalent for his immigration. He appeared in the PTE test but was always scoring a little below his requirement in Reading Module. He joined Sir Saif’s classes on the recommendation of his personal trainer at the gym.

He said that he found the teacher to be very knowledgeable about the test and understood how a student can improve his or her scores in the least possible time. After taking some sessions he appeared in the test and scored 90 in three modules and 84 in the Reading module.

Asad’s Story

Moiz studied for Bachelor of Accounting. He observed that the IELTS score requirement for Permanent Immigration to Australia was becoming tougher with each passing year. He joined a centre for preparation after doing a little research on the internet. He studied for a month and appeared in the test.

His scores were not improved and he couldn’t get much help from that place. He signed for a one-on-one class package with Sir Saif and found that his exact weaknesses were revealed. After a month of one-on-one sessions he was able to get his required score.

Moiz’s Story